Pro-bono Consulting

  • 180 Degrees Consulting partnership:

Our partnership with 180 resulted in a team of 6 MBA Consulting Club (MBACC) consultants aiding a global not-for-profit through the assessment, and development of its organisational restructure strategy. The not-for-profit organisation currently runs 1,000 projects and operates in 90 countries around the world with the aim of defeating poverty and fighting for social justice in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Mentored by VISA.

  • Migrant mentoring program

Long term engagement helping a migrant mentoring program navigate challenging funding conditions.

  • Executive talent acquisition startup

explored digital strategy and how to scale. 

  • Training and wellbeing connection app

Explored business fundamentals and suggested future strategy.

  • Not-for-profit edutech company

explored strategies for growth. 

  • Pro-bono Consulting – Sydney enterprises Real-world engagements with professional consultant mentors

We partnered with a number of small-medium organisations in Sydney to offer MBA students and alumni a unique opportunity to gain real-world consulting experience.

Teams of students work on a pro-bono strategy consulting engagement under the guidance of a professional mentor, and after three weeks, present real, meaningful recommendations to these organisations.

As well as experiencing first-hand the work of a consultant, this opportunity also offers students a chance to expand their networks into new industries, challenge their thinking and connect with professionals on the Club’s Board of Advisors.


Mock Case Practice and Q and A Session

MBACC cordially invites you an interactive mock case practice and Q & A session with Jelle Stoop, Consultant at Bain and Co.
Date: Saturday, September 25, 2021
Time: 05.00 PM AEST- 06:30 PM AEST
Zoom link:

The MBA Consulting Club in collaboration with Club 50 brings to you an hour panel session where we will put on the spotlight a very imperative topic of our times Diversity & Inclusion (DE&I) within consulting.

Our panelists hail from different consulting firms and will be discussing what their organizations are currently doing to promote DE&I, tangible and intangible outcomes, sharing personal stories and giving practical tips.

Industry 4.0 MasterClass

Mr. Praveen Mishra from TCS – Sydney discussed about how the Industrial revolution has evolved over the years and the way Industry 4.0 is currently transforming the way we work, communicate and move along with the latest technologies that have formed the backbone of this remarkable transition. He also touched upon how innovation and design thinking could be leveraged in consulting in this age of Industry 4.0. There were several real-life case studies that were explained to give us the practical exposure to the consulting projects that his firm has delivered. He also touched up the skill set needed by the consultants working in Industry 4.0 which was being aware of how the technology works. Overall, it was a wonderful session with a lot of interesting take-aways.

Industry 4.0 Panel Event

Guest speakers from EY, Deloitte, and Westpac showcased how they are reshaping the businesses’ operations in the fourth industrial revolution, which is fundamentally transforming industry. Discussion topics included technological trends, frameworks, implementation hurdles, and human resource management post-tech. triggered restructures.

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